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Established in 2018, KPM Security Services is a fully licensed and insured security company that is focused on generating working client relationships to provide solutions for your ongoing security needs. KPM provides both armed and unarmed guards for business and personal security requirements. We are dedicated not only to providing guards but also providing modern technology to improve productivity, response time and efficiency such as:


  • Cloud based workforce management software

  • Easy to use interface for clients

  • Personalized / location-based data analytics

  • Plus, much more


We also provide on-site property assessment based on each individual client free of charge. We work with you to develop personalized solutions for your unique environment.


At KPM Security we have a rigorous hiring program that is dedicated to finding only the highest caliber individuals as security guards and bodyguards. We only choose highly trained, licensed individuals who are fully vetted to our strict industry standards. We require continued education and training standards that are unique not only to KPM but the security industry as well.

Some of these courses include but are not limited to dealing with:


  • Peace officer standards

  • Active shooter training

  • Suspicious person training

  • Diversity training

  • Personalized training based on your specific requirements


KPM is dedicated to providing the highest level of service and client satisfaction in the industry. Only those who work with KPM can truly Soar with the Eagles!


Personalized / location-based

data analytics

Graph on Computer

Receive Reports Online Anytime

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