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KPM Security Services Inc. is a full-service security corporation providing guards for your security needs. We offer a wide variety of expertise in the areas of threat management, location assessment, personalized training, cutting edge technology, ongoing education for both employee and clients, and a personalized approach to your private or corporate security needs. We demand the highest possible quality when it comes to our guards. A clean, professional demeanor from vetted guards is a must. KPM strives to maximize efficiency and a positive track record in a seamless client relationship.




The birth of KPM was a collaboration of 3 individuals with different and unique experiences in various real-world situations. Our motto is “Soar with the Eagles” and it exemplifies our approach to doing business with our clients and how we strive to handle ourselves as a company. Coming from different backgrounds, we felt an increasing need for security in an ever-changing social environment. In 2017 we decided it was time to form a company that would specialize in the individual, specific needs of clients with a personal touch. Hence, KPM was born. Each letter in KPM stands for the last names of the 3 founders. We each bring a unique perspective to security that you will not find with most generic security firms. It is this approach that sets us apart.

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